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What Mediak's
Dealers Say

Phyllis Miceli,
Chicago, IL

Greg Swain
Hi, Charles!

We received your note on the new dealer recruitment, and are excited by the prospects; we´ll look for the sample agreement with extreme interest! Thanks for getting back to us on that.

I also wanted to tell you and everyone at the company how deeply impressed we are with everything associated with You´re an Angel. The music is simply without peer in any forum, whether personalized or not. The names are flawless in their meter, volume and pitch... And to the folks who are so often overlooked: the programming is an amazing achievement. The ability to retain the name from CD to CD has done a lot more than diminish errors and reduce time; we can relate the music to the buyers´ needs much more efficiently...I feel like a conductor at times! The name-integration is absolutely seamless.

I´m not by nature effusive in praise...but you all keep making me search for superlatives. It´s a pleasure to be associated with you.

Becky Kaunitz

I just wanted to write to tell you how much my grandson enjoys the CD we gave him for Christmas.

I ordered it a little late, so it didn´t get here until after Christmas. We decided to give it to him on New Year´s Eve, and it was great because all the family was there to watch his reaction. It was totally awesome! When he heard his name he was amazed- he pulled his little chair up to the speaker and didn´t move until he had heard to last song. I had already given him a CD walkman, so he put it in there, and fell asleep listening to it. The next day when we went to his house for lunch, he was sitting in his little Spiderman outfit, with his headphones on, still listening! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the opportunity to get something so wonderful for him. I was very impressed with the quality and sound of the music. We will be ordering one for our yet to be born granddaughter, and my daughter will order one for another little boy. What a great way for the kids to learn that God loves them. I am sorry for such a long message! Thanks again for your ministry. Yours truly, Becky Kaunitz

Lori Hable

I just wanted to write and tell you what an excellent product I think your "You Are My Friend" CD is. My daughter and I bought it for a very close friend who is going through a rough time right now (he´s 19....). He absolutely loved it, and we were all fascinated by how well the program is able to incorporate the person´s name into the songs. It really sounds like it was all recorded at the same time!

The quality of the singers is also top notch (I´ve unfortunately heard some of these CDs that are not quite so much fun to listen to).

Thank you for a wonderful CD - we made our friend´s day! Sincerely, Lori Hable

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10-9-13 - Mediak Releases ABC Monsters - Arrows Gone Astray

Mediak announces the immediate availability of "ABC Monsters - Arrows Gone Astray", a new photo personalized DVD.
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3-17-11 - Mediak Releases New Photo-Personalized DVDs

New Albany, IN
Mediak has added three new additions to its growing catalog of personalized media. The new items are photo-personalized DVDs featuring the popular Nick Jr. character Dora the Explorer.
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3-8-10 - Licensed Character Album Labels

We now have pre-printed CD labels for the Just Me Music licensed character albums (except for Sing Along with VeggieTales and Party With the Wiggles)!!!
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6-1-09 - "Jesus Loves You" CD to Receive National Airtime

New Albany, IN
Mediak is currently promoting the "Jesus Loves You" personalized children's CD.
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